As a semi professional photographer, I am always interested in what I can do to increase my photography income.

I shoot part time right now because I don’t make enough money to shoot full time.  I would love to change that.  The only thing keeping me from making the change today is my mortgage :-).

There are are lots of money making opportunities out there for photographers to make money with their digital cameras.  Some ideas work for some people, other ideas work for other photographers.

We will cover everything from photo contests to photo assignments, from family pictures to senior portraits, from stock photography to location photography, from working with models to working with pets, from wedding photography to aerial photography, and more!

I have found that the better I have gotten, the more work that I get.  Because of that, we will focus on ideas that you can use to improve your skills as a photographer.  More skills = more work = more money.

I have also found that there is equipment that can make you a better photographer … if you know how to use it.  We will also focus on new equipment that can be used to improve your results.

Finally, we will cover training opportunities, including books, videos, classes, workshops, etc. that can be used to improve your skills, increase your passion, and expand your vision.

However, this website is more than just how to make more money.  This is about creativity, about art, about expressing yourself, about realizing your potential, it is about photography.

Join in the community!  Leave comments, questions, tips, tricks, advice, and recommendations.

If you are a professional -or an aspiring photographer, shoot me a note and we can feature you and your work.  If you have photo workshops, shoot me a note and we can provide the details.  If you are running a photo contest, provide the details and we will point people to your contest.  Let us know what we can do to improve and what you want to see and we will do our best to provide it.

Have a great shoot!

Yours in creativity…