ist2_5546601-mediation-on-the-beach-yoga-lotus-positionI found an image of mine that was published in a book from Rosen Publishing.

It is published in a book called: Amenorrhea: Why Your Period Stops.  It is from the Library of Sexual Health.

When I found my name in the photo credits, I had to figure out what image they used.  I don’t have any images in my stock portfolio that I envisioned would be appropriate for a book about why your period stops.

I called the publisher and explained who I was and what I was trying to do.  They said that they would have someone pull the book and send me a photo copy of the page that had my picture in it.  After a couple of days with no email, I decided on a different method.  I checked my local bookstores and was told that I could special order the title.  Not wanting to add this particular title to my collection, I tried my local library with no results.

I looked for the author (Tamra B. Orr) online to see if she had a website that featured her books.  She is a well published author – without a homepage.  Another strike.

Finally, I searched and found a library in CA that had the book on the shelf.  I called the library and asked for a favor.  The library pulled the book from the shelf and described the image to me.  It is in the chapter on “Taking Care of Yourself”.  Now I can see a connection of why my yoga image would show up in a book on Amenorrhea.

Mystery solved, and I am proud to be published in a book on Sexual Health <grin>.