Palm Trees and blue sky stock image

Palm Trees and blue sky stock image

My family and I traveled to Phoenix, Arizona to visit some family and hang out. While I was there, I shot some images that I have added to my stock portfolio on

I wanted to feature one of the shots that I took.  It is of 4 Palm trees framing a image of a vibrant blue sky.

The incredible blue sky was achieved by shooting late in the afternoon when the light was warmer – and using a polarizing filter. I purposely placed the four palm trees towards the bottom right hand corner to provide a designer with plenty of room to add copy and deliver their message in the sky portion of the photograph.

I also shot stock images of the Phoenix skyline that I discussed in another blog post.

The trip was incredible.  I can see why people decide to live in Phoenix during the winter.  I am sitting with 10″ of snow in my front yard.

Going to Arizona and wearing shorts in the winter (it was 70 degrees – perfect golfing weather) was a relaxing way to spend our vacation.