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Stock Shoot Ideas – Politics and Elections

I don’t think I have ever seen things so riled up in the world of politics in the United States. People are mad.  People are disgusted.  Politics have always been a dirty business, but this is different.  People are fed up with what is going on in the government.  There are incumbents trying to stay in their positions of power.  There are massively unpopular policies.  There are revelations about massive government salaries, pensions, and kickbacks.  The negative campaigns are filled with smear tactics that ruin the reputations of good people trying to do the right thing.  Most of all...

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Protected: 100 Places in Utah to Photograph

100 Places in Utah that are excellent for photographing people, families, models, children, brides, engagement pictures, senior portraits, etc. State Hospital in Provo Utah Castle (Reservation Required and Fee Required Provo Courthouse Cascade Springs Wheeler Farm Garden Park Ward 801-201-5707 1150 Yale Ave Salt Lake City, UT 84105-1515 Great Salt Lake Saltair Resort Salt Flats Tintic Standard Reduction Mill,+ut&daddr=Tintic+Standard+Reduction+Mill&hl=en&geocode=FRruXQIdXoNV-SnZI1WmSFZMhzGe9FGk-Pm21w%3BFVqyYQIdYThV-SHBD7k_3hQ3eQ&mra=ls&sll=39.959376,-111.85657&sspn=0.00898,0.019269&ie=UTF8&ll=39.969753,-111.655426&spn=0.574647,1.233215&t=h&z=10 Salt Lake Temple and Temple Square Goblin Valley International Peace Gardens Goblin Valley Thanksgiving Point Gardens Red Butte Gardens Memory Grove Park Utah State Capitol Building Red Rocks at Moab Sand Dunes Along Trax (Winchester and 300W) Lots of building /construction at Winchester and 1300 W Salem Park Krishna Temple in Salem Payson Canyon Kiwanis park Payson Canyon Grotto waterfall I’m looking for graffiti spots and art areas to photograph around SLC/Provo areas. New to the area and having trouble finding stuff. There are some old mines (the old smelters for the Eureka mines) that have graffiti all over them. They are about 5 miles west of Sataquin on hwy 6/141. if you head down the highway (I-15) a bit towards Payson, just after the Spanish Fork exit and before the Benjamin exit there are a group of trains on the northeast side sitting there with some name graffiti. You have to head through Spanish I believe to get there, if you’re interested I could send you...

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