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Ritz Camera Files for Bankruptcy Protection

I can’t believe it. Ritz Camera filed for Bankruptcy today. I used to go to Inkley’s (one of Ritz Camera’s stores) and window shop all the Nikon and Canon camera equipment when I was growing up. They cited the lack of photofinishing revenue due to the shift from film to digital, low 2008 holiday sales, and poor Boater’s World revenues as the final straw that forced the bankruptcy filing…

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The Photography World is Changing

The world of photography is changing by the day. New technology is driving the industry to new heights that include HD video, digital cameras built into unique devices, iPhones, Blackberrys, YouTube, and more. Leave your opinion as well.

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Bring Your Camera

Always having your camera with you will allow you to capture the once in a lifetime shot that presents itself for only a few minutes. Whether it is a sunset, celebrity, accident, tornado, or other fleeting photo opp, not having your camera with you will cause you to miss the shot.

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