I have been holding back from making the final transition to digital.

I still have a Nikon F5 body – my workhorse – that I keep “just in case”.  However, it has been a couple of years since I used it.  I also have my favorite lens from my Hassleblad system that I still own, but I sold my Hasslblad, lenses, backs, etc. about a year and a half ago.

Saturday, I had a conversation with a guy still shooting film.  He wanted to upgrade his equipment.  I threw out that I still owned a Nikon F5 and his eyes grew really wide.

“Let me know if you ever want to sell that camera”, he said, and gave me his contact info.

Well today was a big day.  I made the call.

“I might be interested in parting with my Nikon F5”, I said.

He has a school refund coming from his scholarship in a couple of weeks.  In a couple of weeks, I may be totally digital – weird.

I am pricing the Nikon F5 body by going to KEH.com to see what a used Nikon F5 body in EX+ condition will go for.  Seems to be a good baseline for used pricing.

As long as I am at it, anybody have interest in my Hasselblad lens?