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How to take pictures that sell on eBay Photography Course

Selling products on eBay is a great way to clean out the garage and earn a little money in the process. Pictures are what sells an image on eBay. Most of the images could be dramatically improved which would increase the winning bidding price. Teach a How To Take Pictures that sell on eBay seminar to increase your exposure as a photographer

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Finding and Building a Photography Customer List

Building a lifetime customer takes a lot of work, but will result in tens of thousands of dollars in repeatable business. It is all about the system of managing the customer, keeping track of important dates, and being good at follow up. If you are not organized, hire someone to do this for you! Read all about it here and let me know your thoughts.

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Badges as Photography Income

Badges were a fad several decades ago along with those mile high bangs, and horrible outfits. But now they are coming back into style. Read this post to get some ideas on how you might leverage badges to increase your photography income.

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Network With Graphics Arts Instructors

I attended an advisory dinner to give input to our local technical college. I had several ideas on how to partner with the local technical college to provide input to the school and network with other industry professionals. Here are my notes from the experience.

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Promote your photography on the web

Tips for creating a website to promote your photography online. You can leverage your own domain, flickr, facebook, myspace, linkedin, plaxo and the list goes on and on. This post focuses on creating your own website to promote your photography online

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