When I was a kid, badges were cool. You saw badges about everything. There were badges with slogans, slams, political statements, school logos, etc. There were also badges with drawings, cartoons, and yes badges with pictures.

The badge idea kind of faded over time and you didn’t see as many around, but now they are coming back into style again just like those pants you wore in Junior High and some of those horrible hairdoos.

Badges are a print idea that you can offer on the photography pricelist. They are not for every occasion (I don’t see badges being a logical add-on to a glamour shot – although that could be some good humor), but for a birthday party for a young child, family reunions, Grandma and Grandpa pictures, etc. you can add this long forgotten item to your pricelist capture some incremental sales.

Besides, once you own the machine, you can use it for lots of other things, not just photography…Just think of your kids run for Student Body Vice President in 7th Grade.  You could have “Vote for Bob” pinned to every kid at the school.  Some of the ideas that you might use badges for:

  • Fundraising
  • Family reunions
  • Business meetings – “Hello, my name is Bob”
  • Church events
  • School activities

Check out http://www.badgeaminit.com for the equipment needed to do the job.