My daughter’s birthday is coming up and I went to Baskin Robbins to check out their Ice Cream Cakes.  Baskin Robbins is leveraging photography as a way to personalize and upsell their ice cream cakes.

They call it Freeze Frame Cakes.  They take a customer’s picture and scan it into a computer and print it on edible paper. I asked the manager about it. She said that the paper is made from sugar and the ink lays on top of that without problems and then they frost it onto the top of the cake. I didn’t ask whether or not the ink was edible as well.

What an incredible idea. That opens up a whole new avenue of publication and partnerships. You can partner with the local bakery to include your images on top of a cake used for celebrations and parties – not just sitting next to it. Think about the possibilities:

* Birthdays
* Anniversaries
* Weddings
* Graduations
* etc.

Some bakeries already offer this service. Hmm…I could partner with a local bakery and add yummy, edible portraits to my pricelist.