Do you have a hard drive full of images and albums full of negatives and/or slides that you have taken over the years that are gathering dust? Do you have amazing images of sunsets, wildlife, National Monuments, flowers, dogs, and cats that you feel would sell if you just had the right exposure?

Screensavers are a great way to bundle groups of images together and make them available in a resalable format.

A typical screensaver ranges anywhere from free to $19.95 in cost, contains twenty to hundreds of images, and is distributed electronically and/or on CD. The images you choose to put in a screensaver have to be incredible to compete with the thousands and thousands of free screensavers available on the internet.

One of the great things about Screensavers is the upsell opportunity with photography assignments (i.e. portrait or weddings). For example, you could include several screensavers in a wedding package, senior portrait, or family picture to gain additional revenue above and beyond the album, print, or enlargement.

Screensavers work much better when you have enough quality content in a specific area (niche) that people are passionate about, i.e. Dalmations, 1967 Mustangs, Sunflowers, Arches National Park, etc.

In order to make real money, you need to focus on a specific subject, with incredible content, with a focused advertising strategy. An organized approach can yield solid returns.

Watch for an upcoming post to review screensaver engines, affiliate programs that you can sell your screensavers, on and more.