Yesterday, I wrote about an idea to use a video iPod, or iPhone as a wedding album. This idea is only one of many that I think are perfect upsell items to the “normal” wedding album or Family Portrait Picture package.

The world is changing (depending on what generation you are – the world has changed) to an electronic world (See my post entitled The Photography World is changing). I don’t read the newspaper anymore. All of the news that I read is online. A lot of the audio that I listen to is blog content on my iPod.

To celebrate a Paperless world, what if you added the option for the results of a family portrait setting to be distributed on a digital photo frame in addition to the normal 5×7, 8×10, wallets and large framed picture. You could provide up to 50 images of the shoot preloaded on the frame. What a great upsell item!  It is also the perfect item to add 2-3 (for the happy couple and both sets of parents) to the normal Wedding package.

Digital photo frames run from about $69+ (retail) depending on what size, what resolution, the brightness of the images, and other features. Some have wireless upload capabilities. Some have remotes. Some have ability to play movies and have built in speakers. If you decide to do this on a regular basis, you might consider becoming a dealer for a specific brand of digital photo frames.

Most of the digital picture frames available today are fairly low resolution – 800×600 or less. This means that your customers will not have a high quality image that they can just take and print (especially enlargements) without the quality being compromised.

I will write more about the benefits and features of digital photo frames later, but wanted to get the idea out there that a digital photo frame is a great upsell item to a normal picture package – or someday it might just BE the picture package.

All the best and keep shooting!