Keywording is a critical part of the stock photography upload process. It enables your images to be found when customers use the search capabilities of the microstock site.

The key to keywording is thinking like a designer. What types of keywords would a designer use to search for an image? What elements are part of the image that a designer would identify using keywords?

A designer may want an image with clouds or blue sky. The designer may want an image that is portrait rather than landscape. The designer may want an image with women vs men, old vs young, etc.

Effective keywords can help launch your image to the top of the results list if you are thorough in your keywording efforts.

Yuri Arcurs one of the top grossing microstock photographers in the industry has created a stock photography keyword tool that he makes available for free on his website.

The tool allows you as the submitter to type in keywords into the tool and then choose images that are similar to yours. By selecting similar images, you will be able to access a list of keywords that people are using in their searching process. The cool thing is that the keyword tool allows you to consider the popularity of the keywords in the list that is returned.

Selecting a mix of highly successful keywords along with a relatively large mix of not so popular keywords can help you significantly increase the income you can make from the sales of your stock photography images.

Image by: Smoorenburg