iStockphoto has an exclusivity program that photographers can sign up for.  The exclusivity program has requirements and associated benefits.

The iStockphoto Exclusivity program is detailed at:

exclusiveThe benefits of the Exclusivity program are:

  1. Increased royalty benefits.  The royalty rates for exclusive photographers are 22-45%.  See the royalty rates at: In comparison, rates for non-exclusive contributors start at 15%, so you definitely make more money.
  2. Increased Sales Potential.  The iStockphoto website states that exclusivity brings more attention to your portfolio and “makes the most out of all that traffic.  You will see a difference.”  From that statement, I would expect that iStockphoto favors exclusive photographers in their search results.
  3. Easier Uploads – greater upload limits and faster inspection time
  4. Compliance and protection of the photographer.  iStockphoto can more easily protect the rights of an exclusive photographer because they know that the royalty free image came from them.
  5. An exclusive artist can sell images across all of the Getty Images sites and the iStock partner program.

The requirements of the program are as follows:

  1. All royalty free stock images must be exclusive with (Rights managed images do not come under the iStockphoto exclusivity program, nor do work for hire or prints that the photographer makes for sale)
  2. The photographer cannot sell images on their own website
  3. The photographer cannot sell iStockphoto rejected images elsewhere
  4. The photographer cannot give away their images for free anywhere.

Exclusivity is a great benefit.  There are a lot of photographers that take advantage of the program.  I have been an exclusive photographer with iStockphoto.  However, just a couple of months ago, I canceled my exclusivity to see if contributing to multiple sites would change my stock photography revenues.

It is too early to tell if I made the right decision, however, I will let everyone know what the results are over time.

Stay tuned!

“Exclusive image” by MtnPix