dollarThe elusive question that every Stock Photographer asks is: “what images sell the best?”  My next question is, “Where can I best spend my time in order to maximize my stock photography potential revenues?”

Man, I think about those questions – a lot!  I wish that the various Stock Photography Agencies would just publish a list of what is selling the best.  I would even settle to see a list of what keywords buyers are actively searching with and buying with.  But that is like asking Google to reveal their Search algorithm for the world to see.  I just don’t see that happening any time soon – well ever really 🙂

There are some hints available. has a page ( that lists the most popular downloads and the highest rated files.  You can select the time frame to evaluate – over the last 3 months, the last one month and the last 1 week.  A frequent study of this page would show trends of what genres and/or topics were trending over time.

Short of spending time tracking that page over time, I don’t know of how to easily determine what categories are most profitable.  I also don’t know how to tell which categories are over-saturated with too many images.

There are a couple of data points that I have been thinking about that may shed some light on the questions above.  I am going to do more research about and publish on  Look for updates over the next few weeks…

If you have ideas, post comments below.