I was surfing away looking for resources to help me manage the upload process and came across the site http://www.prostockmaster.com/.

They have created a tool called ProStockMaster that automates the microstock submission process to the following micro stock and photo websites:

  • Shutterstock
  • iStockphoto
  • Dreamstime
  • 123RF
  • Bigstockphoto
  • Canstockphoto
  • Fotila
  • Luckyoliver
  • Myspace
  • Alamy

They recommend getting accounts with multiple vendors rather than going exclusive with just one to maximize your revenues as a stock photographer.

ProStockMaster manages the required metadata (title, description, keywords, etc.), and even provides suggestions to help with the keyword brainstorm process.

After completing the metadata for each image, you have the option to batch upload or to manually upload the images to the stock photography websites listed above.  After the upload process completes, ProStockMaster shows an upload statistics window with a short summary of the uploads to each stock photography website.  They track where each image was uploaded and the current status of each image on that site.  Typically you will have to finalize a submission by selecting image categories and adding appropriate model releases.  They are working on automating that process further for each supported stock agency.

This seems like a useful tool that can automate and streamline the stock photography submission process if you have accounts at multiple stock websites.

They have a free version of the software for you to try before you buy.  If you want to purchase the tool, the Pro version costs $89.99 with a $39.99 annual License Renewal.  They also have a Basic Version for $29.99 with no annual license renewal fee.

Anyone have any experience with this tool that they would be willing to share?